The following scans of colour swatches provide an indication of the finished colour. The actual colour may vary from what you are seeing depending on the settings selected for your computer monitor.
Before placing an order, please check the exact colour against the leather swatches that we can supply to you.

1   2   8   3
6   4   5   9
11   14   10   12
15   16   17   7
18   19   21   20
22   25   23   24

The colour swatches shown here are our standard leather. If you require Nappa or leathers, please let us know as the available colours will differ and there will be a cost premium.

Customers may have the seats made in a single leather colour or can choose to have the centre panels made up in a contrasting colour. This option is available at no extra cost. Similarly, the stitching or piping can be varied to match any of the leather colours. Contrasting stitching/piping can be selected at no extra cost – i.e. a customer may choose to have seats made up in black with red centre panels and red stitching.