Corner Sensor


MagicCars and Ideal Tuning Auto’s Corner Sensor Module performs as a great parking aid, particularly when parallel parking or 3-point parking.
The system has four (4) high-tech ultrasonic sensors fitted at the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers. An LED Display Module accurately indicates the distance between vehicle and obstacles with visual and audible buzzer alerts.
The system is equipped with a Speed Cut-off Preset to prevent unnecessary detection during normal driving conditions and a Sensitivity Adjustment Preset to adjust the sensitivity of detection of obstacle distances. Our Corner Sensor Module is an easy and cost effective upgrade for cars.


• 4 Ultrasonic Sensors fitted on the front and rear of the vehicle bumpers.
• Self Diagnostic to detect faulty or poorly connected sensors.
• LED Display with lights and buzzer to indicate distance between vehicle and obstacles.
• Speed Cut-Off Preset to switch OFF the system to prevent unnecessary detection during driving.
• Sensitivity Adjustment Preset to adjust sensitivity of the obstacle distance detection.


• Accurate detection ensures safe and easy parking, especially parallel parking.
• Affordable upgrade for vehicles already fitted with the reverse parking
2-sensor module.
• Easy installation.
• OEM specifications.